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Warcraft 3 was a popular real-time strategy game that was first released in 2002 as Reign of Chaos, in 2003 as the Frozen Throne expansion, and as the remastered Warcraft III: Reforged in 2020. Today, the competitive scene is still going on with longtime pro players still competing in tournaments. Back2Warcraft continues to host the crowdfunded W3Champions tournament and broadcast the matches to this day.

Warcraft 3 Betting

Most competitive matches are 1v1 or one player vs. one player matches and the only betting market available in most BK8 sportsbooks is the 1X2 market. Some sportsbooks might offer odds for Total Maps.

What is Warcraft 3?

Warcraft 3 is Blizzard Entertainment’s third Warcraft game and is said to have revolutionized the RTS genre by introducing four balanced playable races with their own unique tech trees and units. This game also introduced unique units called “heroes” that costed a fairly significant amount of resources to train and re-train but can heavily influence a battle with their unique skills.

Grubby Warcraft 4v4 gameplay

Most players train a hero unit with former pro player Grubby playing differently at times for fun on his own time. Pro players will typically have a strategy revolving on a particular starting hero. As the match commences, players will micromanage their armies to keep their losses down and deal as much damage as they can to their opponent’s army. It isn’t uncommon for most units in an army to last until near the end of the game when players are finally destroying bases.

The game involves base building, resource gathering, army training, population cap management, and army management. Good players will typically build their bases to protect resource gatherers and carefully manage their armies to keep most of their armies intact as they expand and get experience for their hero units and gain an edge.

Warcraft 3 is a pretty old game and the Reforged update is meant to revitalize the game for modern audiences. New patch updates “rebalanced” unit stats and changed the META for the game. Still, Reforged is home to gameplay crashes and other issues and one remedy that players made is to stick to Classic graphics and forego the new Reforged graphics.

Competitive Warcraft 3 Scene

Warcraft 3 2v2 Wudao vs Ch1ller

Sports bettors can place esports bets on different Warcraft 3 tournaments, including the following:

  • WoW BlizzCon World Championship
  • Arena World Championship (AWC)
  • W3Champions
Warcraft 2v2 Airenikus base down

Of the three tournaments mentioned above, only W3Champions isn’t organized and hosted by Blizzard and is also the only one to have a crowdfunded prize pool. Additionally, W3Champions is the community-made ladder that adds new and old features to the game that the current Reforged lacks, including the following:

  • Sophisticated matchmaking system
  • Fair skill matchups
  • Improved pings

Esports Betting: Warcraft 3 Betting Tips

Warcraft 3 remains as a fairly balanced RTS game despite the Reforged and Microsoft updates. This game involves both macromanagement and micromanagement since players will need to go back and forth between base building, resource gathering, and army management. Some units also have certain skills that require players to micromanage them to be able to make full use of its skills and improve survivability.

Because different units have different characteristics and skills that make them unique from each other, it’s fairly normal for players to not master everything. Each player will then have their own specialties and skillsets and they might not be able to perform as well when using certain races or when faced with certain units. Bettors should keep these in mind when placing bets to win.

Research the Best Players

AuroraHappy vs Lyn

As of April 10, 2024, the best W3Champions player is Undead player AuroraHappy. The best Human player is moosangsung, the best Orc player is FoCuS, and the best Night Elf player is KAHO. Each players has their specializations and they may not be able to perform as well when using other races. Keep an eye out on who these players are competing against and you’ll have a decent idea on who will win the match.

W3Champions and BattleNet rankings may differ.

Check their Race Preference

Each player will have their own preferences on what race they’ll play and it’s pretty normal for players to not master each race and their unique traits. Grubby is someone who frequently experiments on using unorthodox strategies and unit combinations and bettors can look into them to get an idea on how players can use certain units. Professional players, however, won’t typically do these and instead focus on METAs or their own strategies and they’ll usually do these on their preferred races.

When certain players play races they aren’t used to, bettors might find an easy win when they bet correctly.

Check Previous Matches

If certain players have already competed against one another, then betting on the previous winner may be the correct move since the previous winner might be able to win again based on how they performed previously. When doing this, bettors should also consider how the players won and lost and see if this is how they usually played or if they were experimenting and the win was a fluke.

Bet on the Favorite

When there is already a clear underdog in a match, bettors should stick to the favorite regardless of how low the odds are. If your goal is to win, then small wins are still wins. A previous Happy vs Moon matchup showed 1.06 odds for Happy and even if the winnings are miniscule it’s still a win for players who bet on Happy.


Warcraft 3 betting is an interesting betting option for RTS lovers, especially due to how fairly balanced the four races are. Warcraft 3 has some similarities with Starcraft 2 since they’re both from the same developer but this game isn’t as macro-heavy as Starcraft and there’s more micro here.

Bettors can watch the games live through Back2Warcraft at Twitch to see how their bets fared. Try betting on this esport today at BK8!

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