BK8 Sports Betting | Sports and Esports in the Philippines

Sports betting is a popular betting option for many bettors in the Philippines, with many bettors focusing on boxing, basketball, volleyball, and football betting. Younger gamblers who love watching pro gamers play competitively can also place bets on official tournaments and watch the match live.

BK8 Sports Betting

Betting on BK8 sports and esports matches through some of our reputable sportsbooks gives fans a chance to show their support by betting on them. Fans who’ve invested a lot of time researching on the different teams and those who know the ins and outs of video games can definitely have the advantage when placing bets.

BK8 Sports: What are the Popular Sports to Bet On?

M8Bet Sportsbook

Filipinos are natural sports fans and they tend to focus on many different sports events. While there’s arguably fewer betting on BK8 football matches, there’s still some market for it in the country as other bettors focus on basketball, volleyball, and boxing matches.

Many of the betting markets in these sports are similar with the most popular market being the standard moneyline bet. The most notable difference is that boxing matches have the Method of Victory and Round Betting markets.

BK8 Esports: Pro Video Gaming Betting

TFGaming BK8 Esports

Many young Filipinos are gamers, with players typically having easy access to mobile competitive games like Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and Wild Rift and some of these games have a competitive scene. Most gamers, however, have had experience playing some of the most popular computer games today, including the following:

These video games are some of the most popular ones out there and have a stable following in both niche communities and the wider betting audience. Real-time strategy games aren’t that popular today compared to MOBAs and FPS games, but there are still competitive leagues around where pro players still compete and where bookmakers can provide odds. These include the popular Starcraft II to the less popular but still well-loved Warcraft 3.

Live starcraft match at Twitch

In fact, dedicated esports sportsbooks offer a lot more odds for a lot more games, which include the following:

  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • Rainbow Six
  • Arena of Valor
  • Fortnite
  • FIFA
  • Age of Empires

BK8 Sportsbooks

BK8 can offer odds on sports matches thanks to its in-house sportsbook and several reputable sportsbook providers. These providers are typically well-known across Southeast Asian online casinos and have provided betting odds for years now.

BK8 Sportsbooks

These bookmakers and their offerings are the following:

  • BK8 Sports – mainly football and a wide assortment of other sports, virtual soccer and basketball, and a small number of esports options
  • CMD368 – mainly football and a wide assortment of other sports and a small number of esports options
  • M8Bet – mainly football and a wide assortment of other sports and a small number of esports options
  • TF Gaming – dedicated esports bookmaker offering odds on widely popular games like CS2 and League of Legends to more niche games like Warcraft 3, Age of Empires, and Call of Duty

Football is currently one of the most popular sports worldwide and many of these sportsbooks are focusing more on these than other sports. In the Philippines, it’s all about basketball, volleyball, and boxing and CMD368 has a fairly decent lineup of matches they cover for these sports.

Different Betting Markets to Bet On

Sports betting on BK8 allows you to bet on potential outcomes in a match. The most common is predicting who will win while more niche markets has you guessing how a match will end or how many points will be scored. Some betting markets are good for beginners and are profitable, while others are terrible for casual bettors.

Some of these markets are the following:

  • Moneyline/1×2 – this market focuses on guessing which team/player will win a match and if there’s a draw.
  • Draw No Bet – similar to moneyline, this however voids all bets when a match ends in a draw.
  • Double Chance – similar to moneyline, except that this allows you to bet on two potential outcomes instead of only a single one.
  • Over/Under – popular betting market in football where players must guess whether the total number of scores will go over or under a certain threshold. Variations include focus on how many rounds there will be and total number of kills for esports.
  • Correct Score – hard-to-win betting market where players must guess the exact total number of scores in a match
  • Round Betting – betting market focusing on which round a boxing match will end
  • Method of Victory – betting market focusing on how a boxer will win a match
  • Outright – popular betting market where players guess the potential outcomes of a single competition, whether it guesses which team will win an entire league, which team will be relegated, and which player will receive an award

Some of these markets have certain variations that mix things up like combining moneyline with over/under to increase the odds.

Sports bettors can also combine each bet and set up a parlay bet consisting of multiple bets using one market or multiple markets. Using parlays or multibets will exponentially increase the odds and payout, but it’s easier to lose all the winnings by getting one prediction wrong.

Live BK8 Sports Betting

In-play betting is possible and many sports bettors take advantage of the changing odds to score a potentially high payout before the odds change. However, players can’t watch the game live through the platform. Esports bettors, however, can try betting live on certain matches while matching the game as long as the match is livestreamed through YouTube, Twitch, or Kick.

Live sports betting

Live sports betting is by far better when bettors watch the games themselves as they’re betting. This allows them to get more information on the match and make more informed decisions. Betting on BK8 live football matches is better than betting on early football matches, just make sure to bet on a match you can watch live.


No. While the Philippines does have a soccer team, the Azkals, it isn’t exactly as popular as the Philippine basketball and volleyball teams. Football betting also isn’t that popular in the country.

The most popular sports in the Philippines are basketball, volleyball, and boxing.

Yes. This is because you can watch a match and make your prediction once you see how the participants are currently playing.


Betting on sports and esports in BK8’s sportsbooks is fun and doesn’t rely on luck as much as certain casino games. This is also a good way for fans to show their support on certain teams or players by betting on them.

The next time a famous Filipino boxer fights in a boxing tournament, check out the BK8 sportsbooks to see if we’re offering some odds on their match. Place your bets on them to show your support. Who knows, Manny Pacquiao might come out of retirement and compete again.