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CS2, or Counter-Strike 2, is a 2023 multiplayer tactical FPS (First Person Shooter) game developed by Valve. This game serves as a direct update to Valve’s previous main CS entry, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. CSGO betting is already popular in the Philippines and worldwide, so CSGO betting tips will also largely apply for CS2 betting.

What is CS2?

CS2 is a competitive FPS game made by Valve and is available on Steam as a free-to-play game. Similar to its predecessor, this game is optimized for older hardware and its minimum system requirements are a measly 1st gen i5, 8GB of RAM, and a graphics card with at least 1 GB VRAM.

This game is widely popular worldwide and the franchise’s popularity in the Philippines stemmed from the availability of Counter-Strike 1.3, 1.6, and modded versions in nearly all internet cafes in the country, allowing gamers to play even without internet connection. While most casual gamers opted to play other online FPS games in internet cafes, the Philippines is still home to several pro CS2 players.

CS2 FaZe vs MOUZ - IEM Chengdu 2024

In this game, players will be split into two teams, the terrorists and counter-terrorists. In casual games, each team can have a large number of players while more competitive settings strictly split the players into two teams of five players each. In pro matches, players typically play DE or Bomb Defusal maps where terrorists are tasked to plant a bomb at one of two designated bomb sites or eliminate all CTs while counter-terrorists are tasked to eliminate all Ts before they can plant the bomb or defuse the bomb.

This 2023 game is a direct update of the 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. While the update initially received controversy as certain gameplay aspects were changed that made it different to CS:GO, many players still continue playing this game today. The current game is now stable and playable for both casual and pro gamers.

Competitive CS2 Scene

CS2 Cloud9 vs Wildcard IEM Chengdu 2024

The pro gaming scene in Counter-Strike 2 consists of several official tournaments, including the following:

  • Valve Major Championships
  • ESL Pro League
  • BLAST Premier Series
  • Intel Extreme Masters

BK8 CS Betting Markets

The available CS2 betting markets in BK8 sportsbooks are generally the same with other FPS games’ betting markets, especially old CSGO betting markets, due to how similar their game mechanics are. Some of these FPS betting markets are the following:

Total Kills Over/Under

Total Kills Over/Under

CS2 has an over/under market focusing on the total number of kills made in one round. Bettors won’t have to worry about guessing which team will win or bet on the total number of kills a single team will make. The threshold is about 139.5 and bettors will need to guess whether the number of kills is over or under this amount.

Total Rounds

Total Rounds

CS2 matches follow a best out of three format and each round consists of a standard 24 rounds with the winner being the first team to win 13 rounds. Each team will have 12 rounds as terrorists and counter-terrorists each when time permits and an entire map round can end with only 13 rounds, with one team winning during the pistol round.

The betting options are 13-19, 20-24, and Overtime.

Total Clutches

Total Clutches

Clutches occur during a last man standing scenario when the last remaining player in a team wins the round when three or more enemies are still alive. Players can win clutches either by killing all enemies or by defusing the bomb.

The threshold for this market is 2.5 due to how uncommon clutches can occur.

Pistol Round Total Kills

Pistol Round Total Kills

The Pistol Round is the 1st and 13th rounds of a match and the winner of this round will have an economic advantage over the other team. Players will either retain their standard pistols or replace them with better ones, depending on their strategy. Still, winning the pistol round is not a guarantee that a team will win and betting on the total kills instead will allow bettors to have an easier time instead of betting on which team will win.

The threshold is 7.5.

Will the First Half End with a Draw 6:6

Will the First Half End with a Draw

The first half of a match consists of 12 map rounds and teams can deliberately aim for a tie here so that one team will have a chance to play more rounds as the different side, whether it be as Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. A draw here can result in a draw for the entire match and lead to overtime or at least prolong a match beyond the minimum 13 rounds or at least 20 rounds.

Will There be a Knife Kill

Will There be a Knife Kill

FPS games typically provide players with a basic melee weapon as a secondary or tertiary weapon that can be used to boost movement speed or as a last resort weapon. Using the knife, CS2’s melee weapon, takes considerable skill when the other players are all using guns to stop a knifer in their tracks. Players will need to sneak up on their opponents to slice or stab an enemy to get a knife kill.

Due to how unlikely knife kills are in pro settings, BK8 sportsbooks will only require players to guess whether a knife kill will occur or not and not guess on how many kills will be made.


CS2 and CSGO betting are basically the same as both games follow the core gameplay of Counter-Strike that players have been familiar with for two decades. CS2 can be dubbed as the most basic FPS esport title with the most streamlined game mechanics, making the experience from betting here different from Valorant betting with the game’s additional game mechanics.

BK8 sportsbooks typically offer a lot of odds for this esport title. Start placing esports bets on this title’s tournaments through BK8 Casino today!

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