What is Lotto?


Lotto or lottery is a game of chance where players select a set of numbers and hope to match the numbers with what will be drawn during the number drawing. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office manages all official lotteries in the Philippines. Some online casinos also offer Lotto games, but they aren’t that popular and so far only Evolution Gaming offers a lottery game in the form of Lightning Lotto.

How to Play Lightning Lotto?

In this game, players will only need to buy tickets and decide how much they’ll stake per ticket and let the game to the rest. The numbers on the tickets are decided by random, unlike in actual lottery games where bettors can pick their own numbers or have the option to let the machine decide through the Lucky Pick option.

How to play lightning lotto?

The initial number of tickets that players can buy are the following:

  • 1 ticket
  • 10 ticket
  • 25 ticket
  • 100 ticket

Players will only need to choose how many tickets they’ll buy and how much each ticket will be. The only control they’ll have on whether they’ll win or not is based on how many tickets they’ll buy.

A total of 500 tickets can be purchased per round so it can get quite expensive to try and win a round.

A total of six balls are drawn from the two drums. Five initial balls are drawn from the first drum while the second drum dispenses a Powerball that boosts the chances of drawing numbers 1-10.

Lightning Number Multipliers

Lightning Number Multipliers

In every round, multipliers are assigned for between 1 to 25 numbers and the random multiplier amounts are 2x to 10x.This potentially allows players to win big when they get lucky with one of their tickets. Keep in mind that tickets with multipliers only pay out on winning tickets.

Lotto Paytable

Lightning Lotto Paytable

The payouts only change when they’re affected by multipliers. Without Lightning Lotto multipliers, the odds remain fixed on 1:1, 49:1, 499:1, 4,999:1.

Keep in mind that multipliers can stack so extremely lucky players can potentially win 100,000x their initial stake.


While lotto is a game where no strategy is needed, the fact that players can’t pick their own lucky numbers makes this rather expensive to win in.

Yes. All six numbers can be assigned multipliers and all of these can stack to potentially result in high payouts.


Live casino lotto games function as game shows that players can easily get started playing but isn’t exactly great to try and win real money on. The payouts are low for the easier-to-win winning conditions while the higher payouts are harder to win in.

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