What are the Worst Betting Markets for Beginners

Sports bettors who want to win big through sports betting will either need to bet high or bet on high payout betting markets. High-rollers can easily do the former, but the latter is harder to win in since high payout markets will also have high odds which can make predicting the outcome to be harder.

Worst betting markets for beginners

The worst betting markets for beginners may also not be good for some seasoned bettors, but they can definitely add to the excitement. Still, these are the worst markets to bet on when aiming to make a profit safely.

Worst Betting Market: Correct Score

The Correct Score betting market is one of the hardest betting markets to win in since the bettor will need to correctly predict the final score of BOTH teams instead of the total goals or scores. Even with all the research and analysis on the participants, sports bettors will still have difficulty guessing the final correct score, especially for sports where multiple scores can be made.

M8Bet Correct Score

In football, there are normally 26 different score predictions, including the AOS or “Any Other Scores” and the maximum total is 8 scores. Most of the odds are high and the lowest odds aren’t a guarantee that they will be one of the assured final scores.

A relatively easier alternative for Correct Score is guessing the correct map score for BO3 matches. For example, in esports like Valorant where the standard format is Best-Out-of-Three rounds, the bet choices are the following:

  • 2:0
  • 0:2
  • 2:1
  • 1:2

These are by far easier because there are fewer possible outcomes and bettors can resort to short-odds betting and still have a decent chance of winning. Using the Half-Time variation of this market may be easier for football, since there’ll be fewer outcomes like in esports betting.

Worst Betting Market: Total Goals

M8Bet Total Goals

Total Goals is similar to Correct Score since this market focuses on the number of goals scored, but this is slightly easier. In this market, bettors will guess how many goals will be scored among a few score ranges. The common ranges for full-time soccer matches are the following:

  • 0-1
  • 2-3
  • 4-6
  • 7 & Over

When there are two high scoring teams competing against each other, betting on 4-6 is a safe option and has a decent chance of winning. If both teams have strong defenses or have their regular scorers on the sidelines, then betting on 0-1 may be the correct move since it’s also fairly common for soccer matches to end up goalless.

CMD368 Exact Total Goals

An Exact Total Goals market also exists which is fairly easier than Correct Score since bettors only need to guess the total number of goals without accounting for how many each team will score. Bettors can also bet on the Exact Total Goals of only one team.

Other Totals markets include Total Rounds in esports betting. In Valorant, a team will need to win 13 rounds out of 24 rounds and the different common bets available are the following:

  • 13-19
  • 20-24
  • Overtime

An overtime can occur when both teams end up tied with the number of rounds won after 24 rounds. In the overtime round, one team will need to win it either by eliminating all members of the enemy team or by successfully planting the Spike or defusing it.

TF Gaming Total Rounds

While Total Rounds can be relatively easy to win in, first time bettors might find that betting on 13-19 rounds don’t guarantee wins that much as highly competitive teams can easily make a match last at least 20 rounds.

A few other Totals markets in MOBAs are the following:

  • Total Kills
  • Total Gold Difference
  • Total Ace

Worst Betting Market: Half-time/Full-time

M8Bet Half Time Full Time

In BK8 sports betting, either the 1X2 or Double Chance are likely to be popular markets for most bettors due to how easy it is to win in them. Bettors who want a challenge will take the 1X2 market futher by betting on the outcomes of both the first half and the entire match. The different bets are the following:

  • HH –Home win and Home win
  • HD –Home win and Draw
  • HA –Home win and Away win
  • DH –Draw and Home win
  • DD –Draw and Draw
  • DA –Draw and Away win
  • AH –Away win and Home win
  • AD –Away win and Draw
  • AA –Away win and Away win

As seen here, there are nine possible outcomes and it can become challenging to guess two outcomes even if betting on Half-time’s outcome is fairly easy. Let’s say the Home team makes an easy win during half-time and you placed a bet on HH, then an unexpected upset from the Away team or even a draw will result in the bet losing.

Bettors who want to make money through this market will need to make in depth research on the participating teams and their players.

Worst Betting Market: Round Winner

While Round Winner is more or less similar to the 1X2 market, bettors can find it rather challenging to win in since individual players and their respective teams can perform differently per round. For instance, teams can suddenly focus on their economy and use weaker weapons or only pistols in a CS2 or Valorant match after losing one round. This becomes increasingly tricky to win in since the market isn’t usually available during live betting.

TF Gaming Round Winner and Winning Method

In boxing betting, sports bettors will need to bet on which boxer will win and on what round they’ll win or if it’ll be a decision for one boxer.

Worst Betting Market: Winning Method

Winning Method is another difficult market to win in. This can focus on how a team or player will win per round in esports or which boxer will win a match and how they’ll do so.

In esports, the bets available are the following:

  • Enemy eliminated
  • Others

In boxing, the bets available are the following:

  • Boxer 1 by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Boxer 1 by Decision or Technical Decision
  • Boxer 2 by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Boxer 2 by Decision or Technical Decision
  • Draw or Technical Draw
CMD368 Boxing Method of Victory

It’ll be pretty hard to determine how a team will win per round in esports betting and which boxer will win and how in boxing betting.

Worst Betting Market: 1st Blood

In MOBAs, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, players can achieve first blood by being the first player to eliminate another player in a match. Gaining first blood can be advantageous for a particular team as they’ll get an influx of gold and experience faster than the other team, but this does not decide the outcome of an entire match. Still, betting on which team can get first blood is certainly exciting and fairly simple to win in.

TF Gaming MPL First Blood

In MOBAs, there are typically five players per team and not all of them will normally be fighting one single opponent or clashing early on. First bloods can occur unexpectedly and one can come at a complete surprise to all players.

In addition to 1st Blood, bettors can bet on which team will get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th kills.

Worst Betting Market: Race to X Kills

TF Gaming MPL Race to Kills

In esports betting, bettors can bet on which team will be the first to have a certain number of total kills. This bet can be challenging since both teams can aim to make plenty of kills before the match ends, making it hard to predict which team will have the most kills. Some of the bets to make are the following:

  • Race to 5 Kills
  • Race to 10 Kills
  • Race to 15 Kills

Worst Betting Market: Outright

CMD368 Basketball Outright

Outright betting is another difficult market to win in since the odds are typically long depending on how far along a league is and favorites with clear short odds at the beginning of a season can still end up losing after the season. The different Outright bets that bettors can encounter are the following:

  • Winner
  • To be Relegated
  • To Finish Bottom
  • Top Goalscorer
  • Team to Reach Final
CMD368 Outright To Be Relegated

Of all Outright bets, To be Relegated is arguably the easiest one to win in since three teams can get relegated in the English Premier League.


There are many hard-to-win betting markets in BK8 sportsbooks, so first-time bettors should avoid them. Of the worst betting markets out there, these only make up a small number since other sportsbooks will have more hard-to-win markets. Besides, we still haven’t talked about parlay betting.

If you really want to try these worst betting markets out for yourself, then do so at BK8. Just because they’re the worst markets doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable.

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