BK8 Soccer Betting | Most Popular Betting Option Worldwide

BK8 Soccer Betting

Betting on soccer matches is by far the most popular sports betting option worldwide as most sports fans love football more than other sports. This is true for most parts of the world, including the Philippines, albeit possibly being tied with either boxing or basketball, with the main exception being India and Pakistan where cricket is by far more popular than other sports. Soccer betting is popular worldwide and most bettors will find that it also has the most betting markets.

What is Soccer?

Soccer, or football, is a team sport played by two teams of 11 players each on a field. On each team, one player is designated as a goalkeeper and the remaining ten are split into defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

Soccer match

The name difference is mainly because of American Football in the U.S. which more resembles rugby while actual soccer elsewhere in the world is Football. This sport’s full name is Association Football.

The goal of the game is to maneuver the ball to the opponent’s goal using their feet, legs, and bodies. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball with their hands as they block incoming balls to keep the opponents from scoring a goal.

BK8 Soccer Betting Markets

BK8 football has some rather unique betting markets that has some similarities with other markets in other sports. Some of these markets are the following:

Outright – Top Goalscorer

Outright Top Goalscorer

The Top Goalscorer market is usually found in the Outright market where bettors must guess which player will score the most goals for the entire league season. This is essentially betting on who’ll win the Golden Boot and bettors who are most familiar with the top players will have an edge in this market.

First Goal / Last Goal

The FG / LG market focuses on which team will make the first and last goal. Bettors will only need to place a bet on one of five selections, which are two each for First Goal and Last Goal and then the No Goal.

First Goal/Last Goal

Bettors can bet on which team will get the first goal and be done with the bet. They won’t have to take extra risks by betting on two outcomes, on which team/s will make the first and last goals for the entire match.

Outright – To Be Relegated

CMD368 Outright To Be Relegated

Because of the English Premier League’s format, only 20 teams at a time can participate in the league and the bottom three are relegated and replaced by other teams who’ll be promoted from the English League Championship.

Outright – To Finish Bottom

Outright To Finish Bottom

Similar to the To Be Relegated market, except this one deals with the team that will end at the bottom of the rankings. This can be slightly harder that the To be Relegated market if the teams in danger of relegation all end up losing a lot of matches.

Outright – To Be Promoted

Outright To Be Promoted

As three teams will be relegated from the English Premier League for next season, three teams from the English League Championship will be promoted to the EPL. The top three teams of the ELC will end up getting promoted.

Clean Sheet

Clean Sheet is a unique market that’s partly similar to 1X2, except that players are betting on whether a team will win without the other team scoring or not. Clean Sheet’s Home Yes means betting on the Home Team winning without the other team scoring.

Clean Sheet

This is exclusive to football betting because it’s pretty common for matches to end in a goalless draw or only one goal being scored for the entire match. The bet might end in a push if a draw occurs.

Why Bet on BK8 Football?

Betting on BK8 soccer matches gives bettors access to multiple betting markets ranging from the unique ones mentioned above to more common ones including the 1X2, Over/Under, Odd/Even, and Double Chance. These markets are fairly easy to win in and should allow bettors to win some easy money when they place bets.

Live sports betting

Because soccer is popular worldwide, there should be an abundance of information on the top teams in some leagues, especially in the English Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga. Thanks to this, many sports bettors should be able to make informed decisions on the outcomes of the many matches.


BK8 soccer betting is currently one of the most popular sports betting options worldwide and is only beaten by Cricket in popularity in a few select countries. Placing bets here will give players access to many betting markets and can be fairly easy to win in compared to other sports events.

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