BK8 Responsible Gambling Code of Practice

BK8 is committed to fostering responsible gaming practices and making sure that our players will fully understand the potential risks of online gambling. Gaming in online casinos carries the inherent risk of losing money and getting addicted in the process.

Responsible Gambling

We want our customers to treat online gambling as a leisure activity without it affecting their health, relationships, and finances. We advise them to see professional help should they engage in problem gaming. To achieve this, we have certain measures set in place.

  1. Players will need to send an email at the email address provided on https://www.bk8casino.me indicating the following, “I want to be excluded from https://www.bk8casino.me “. Once we receive the request, the self-exclusion will take effect immediately.
  2. Self-excluded players will have their accounts closed.
  3. Players can impose maximum stake limits one week after finishing the account setup.
  4. Self-exclusion cannot be reversed for at least seven (7) days. After this period of time, players will be able to request reactivation by sending an email to the platform’s email address.

Alternative Discretionary Self Exclusion

Discretionary self exclusion

Instead of relying on the platform’s exclusion measures and betting limits, players can instead opt to discipline themselves by setting up their own limits and exclusion plans. We advise players to do the following:

  • Set a limit on how much they can bet per hour
  • Set a limit on how much losses they can sustain before stopping
  • Set a limit on how long they can play per day
  • Set a limit on how much they can win before stopping
  • Set a limit on how many consecutive losses they can sustain before stopping

Responsible Gambling Tips

Treat Gambling as a Pastime

Don’t treat gambling as an additional source of income to prevent yourself from being dependent on it. Set aside a budget that you can afford to lose in its entirety and just play for fun.

Know when to leave

Losing is normal and winning streaks are much rarer. Because of these, it’s important that players know when they should quit to avoid losing more money or to make sure they can leave while still being in the black.

Manage your bankroll

As mentioned above, always set up a bankroll to use exclusively for gaming. A bankroll built using disposable income is ideal so that players won’t regret losing the money.

To effectively manage a bankroll, players must set a maximum bet amount based on how much they have. 1% of the bankroll can be a good maximum bet or at least the lowest bet possible for a game. Different providers will have different minimum bets set in place, with Evolution Gaming having about 10 PHP as the minimum bet for at least one game while AE Sexy having 100 PHP as the minimum bet for their baccarat tables.

Seek Professional Help

If you’re starting to get addicted with online gambling, don’t hesitate to seek professional help to mitigate the risk of suffering from problem gaming. If you can get in touch with fully-recovered compulsive gamblers, then do so to help yourself with your current situation.

When necessary, contact a therapist to help you stop from betting compulsively. We advise you to follow their instructions, even if it means losing you as a customer. Your well-being is more important to us.

Contact Us

Help and Contact

Should you have trouble gaming responsibly, contact us to help you stop. We have a live chat widget set in place to help you get in touch with us. Additionally, our “Contact Us” page contains all the available contact methods you can use to reach out.

We have a 24/7 customer support team that can help you out as soon as possible.