What are the Best Betting Markets for Beginner Sports Bettors

If you’re new to BK8 sports betting, then you’ll need to start off with some easy-to-win betting markets. These markets areperfect for many sports bettors, whether they’re beginners or seasoned bettors, and can even be used for easy-to-win parlay bets.

Best betting markets for beginners

The following are the betting markets we recommend you to use:

Best Betting Market: 1X2

M8Bet 1X2

1X2 or moneyline is the standard sports bet that bettors can make. This focuses on predicting which team will win a match or if a draw will occur. The term 1X2 can be confusing for beginners and we’ll decode it below:

  • 1 – Home wins
  • X – Draw
  • 2 – Away wins

Home and Away are the teams who are in their home turf and the ones outside of home turf, respectively. Even if there is no concept of home and away in a match, like those in esports and other sports, the “1” and “2” will be assigned at random or based on who is the favorite and the underdog. The difference doesn’t affect betting.

CMD368 1X2 Handicap

A handicap variation exists where the favorite is given a handicap while the underdog starts off with a set score where a bet on a participant will win when they win while meeting the winning conditions. An Away team bet with +1 will win even when both teams end up tied since the Away team will have another point added to them.

Additionally, the 1X2 bet can come in Full Time and Half Time formats. Bettors can bet on a team winning during half time and they’ll win even if said team loses the match.

Some sports only have a two-way moneyline bet. Also, American sportsbooks only have two-way moneyline bets.

Best Betting Market: Double Chance

CMD368 Double Chance

Double Chance works nearly the same way as 1X2 but is arguably safer since the three available bets all predict two possible outcomes. These bets are the following:

  • 1X or Home or Draw
  • X2 or Draw or Away
  • 12 or Home or Away

This allows unsure sports bettors to bet on either team winning or on one team winning or a draw occurring. The only problem with this market is that it has lower odds and payout since there’s less risk of losing.

Since this market is safer, sports bettors may want to use this instead of 1X2 for multi-leg parlays.

Best Betting Market: Over/Under

The Over/Under market is a betting market that focuses on the number of goals, number of round kills, or number of rounds in a single match. The match winner doesn’t matter with this bet, so bettors can make easier educated guesses based on statistics and other factors. It’s far easier to guess how many points will be scored or how many rounds a match will take before being completed than guessing which participant will win.

M8Bet Over and Under

The common bets for Over/Under are the following:

  • Over/Under 2.5 for football
  • Over/Under 3 for football
  • Over/Under 164.5 for basketball
  • Total Kills Over/Under 54.5 for Dota 2
  • Total Rounds Over/Under 20.5 for Valorant
  • Total Maps Over/Under 2.5 for BO3 format Esports
TF Gaming Total Maps

Sports bettors will only need to research how well the participants perform to make educated guesses on whether they’ll score a large number of points or not. The Total Maps bets may be a bit trickier since both participants can win the first two rounds in Best-Out-of-Three game formats or an underdog can unexpectedly steamroll a favorite for two matches.

For totals of whole numbers like Over/Under 3, a push will occur when a total of three goals are scored in football.

Best Betting Market: Odd/Even

M8Bet Odd and Even

While slightly being more difficult that Over/Under, this is still a fairly easy-to-win betting market as bettors will only need to guess whether the total score or total number of rounds will be odd or even. Thhis involves more guesswork than statistics since high-scoring teams in football or basketball can still end up making odd or even scores regardless if they score a lot or not.


These four main betting markets are only some of the many different betting markets that sports bettors will see when betting at CMD368, M8Bet, and TFGaming. These are some of the best betting markets for beginners and parlay bettors due to how easier they are to win in compared to other more profitable betting markets.

Beginners can start out with these easy-to-win bets to slowly build up their bankroll while long-time bettors can take advantage of at least the Double Chance to create long-leg parlays. Try these out yourself at BK8 Casino.

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