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LoL Betting

LoL or League of Legends is currently the most popular MOBA game worldwide, even beating the popular Dota 2. Similar to Dota 2, the objective of the game is to destroy the enemy Nexus. This game is a fan-favorite and has reached a higher number of concurrent players than Dota 2, beating the latter’s 500,000 players with LoL’s 2 million concurrent players.

What is League of Legends?

LoL is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game released in 2009 by Riot Games. This game owes its existence to the original DotA built on Warcraft 3’s World Editor since Riot Games co-founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck thought about making a similar game after getting hooked to Defense of the Ancients. This plan to create a new game happened before Valve decided to hire DotA lead designer IceFrog to develop Dota 2.

BDS vs SK clash

League of Legends has plenty of similarities with Dota 2 since both games took their inspiration from the original game. While Dota 2 retained many of the core features of DotA and added to them, LoL implemented additional gameplay features as the team made a game that is only inspired by the original with no direct involvement from DotA developers. Still, the core mechanic of two teams of five players fighting in a map to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus is extremely similar to that of DotA’s core gameplay.

The main differences between LoL and Dota 2 are the following:

  • Addition of roles
  • Respawning inhibitors
  • Less trees in jungle
  • More Roshan-like monsters

Each team will have dedicated roles set up and certain champions suited for these roles. This is unlike in Dota 2 where roles are absent and players will arbitrarily assign roles on their own heroes according to their playstyle. Some LoL betting markets focus on roles, including ADC Role Kills Over/Under.

Inhibitors act similarly to the production buildings in Dota 2, except that inhibitors respawn. Destroying an inhibitor results in the opponent team having super minions, which are stronger than the standard minions, and renders the Nexus and its defending turrets vulnerable. However, the inhibitor respawns after five minutes and can keep a team from winning a round when an inhibitor suddenly respawns.

The jungle is also home to less trees than in Dota 2. DotA’s and Dota 2’s jungles are dense with trees that can block pathfinding while LoL’s jungles are more open. LoL’s jungles allow players to ambush enemy players more easily while Dota 2’s jungles can be more challenging to navigate and afford more strategies from both teams.

Lastly, Dota 2 only has Roshan as a super strong monster while LoL has multiple in the form of Baron Nashor and several dragons.

Competitive League of Legends Scene

The final thing we want to touch on a little is the professional scene of both games. While DOTA 2 does have a significantly lower number of active players when compared to LoL, it still has a rather healthy esports scene, with players from various countries coming together to compete in different leagues and tournaments. 

The scene itself is also considered to be extremely competitive mostly because of the high skill required from players to master a game like DOTA 2 to such an extent. It’s so competitive and dedicated that it holds the record for the biggest prize pool in 202, exhibiting a cumulative prize pool valued at 32.85 million U.S. dollars.

2024 LEC Winter match

The League of Legends Esports scene, meanwhile, is MUCH bigger in scale. Not only is it the fastest growing global sport and the pinnacle of competitive gaming as of now with more than 100 professional esports teams and over 860 players, but it’s also accessible around the globe on 30+ TV and digital platforms.

This is mostly because of two things. The first is the already existing number of players that either play the game on a regular basis or consume content related to it (side games, shows, music videos, streamers, YouTubers, etc).

The second reason is that Riot Games very heavily markets its Esports, with the biggest ad being in the shape of the yearly music video we mentioned above. The songs are so addictive and the visuals are so appealing that the videos regularly garner tens of millions of views, with some of them even having crossed the hundred million benchmark.

BDS vs SK Dragon and clash

While Dota 2 has the highest prize pool in the history of esports, the professional esports scene for League of Legends is far larger in scale. This game has more players worldwide and Riot is marketing this game aggressively to the point that more and more players are getting attracted to this game. Riot’s biggest ad on the game is a yearly music video that gets so addictive and appealing that players will practically be forced to play this game.

  • KeSPA Cup
  • League of Legends Champions Korea
  • League of Legends Pro League
  • League of Legends EMEA Championship
  • League Championship Series
  • Vietnam Champions hip Series

These might be the biggest LoL tournaments worldwide, but the biggest prize pool is only $6,450,000 for the LoL 2018 World Championship.

League of Legends is a free-to-play game and easily accessible to a lot of players. Because many streamers are also League of Legends players and even other pro players are streamers, gamers can try their hand in this game by copying or taking inspiration from these players and use their moves and strategies in their games.

BK8 LoL Betting Markets

The LoL betting markets are generally the same with other MOBAs since the game mechanics are largely the same. Some of these unique MOBA markets are the following:

Team to Draw First Blood

Team to Draw First Blood

First blood is the first kill in a match and sports bettors can bet on which team will have the first blood. Sports bettors can use this betting market instead of moneyline where players must bet on which team will win the match.

Total Kills Over/Under

LoL Total Kills Over/Under

League of Legends has an over/under market focusing on the total number of kills made in a single round. Bettors won’t have to bet on the total number of kills but instead they’ll only need to bet whether the total kills is over or under a certain threshold, with 27.5 being the threshold.

Total Inhibitor Destroyed

Total Inhibitor destroyed

Because inhibitors respawn, bettors can bet on the total number of inhibitors destroyed in a single round and even one full match. The threshold for this market per round is commonly 1.5 while the threshold per match is 7.5.

Team Most Kills

Team Most Kills

Bettors can bet on which team will have the most kills and back the team they love through this. The team doesn’t necessarily have to win the match, they just have to have the most kills. A team with fewer kills can win when they skillfully or luckily win a match by baiting the enemy team away from either Nexus and end up winning.

Race to X Kills

Race to X Kills

Sports bettors can bet on which team will first get a certain number of kills. The different number of wins that people can bet on are 5, 10, and 15 kills. This betting market is rather difficult to win in when both teams are evenly matched and are basically trading kills.


LoL betting is one of the most popular esports betting options in BK8 sportsbooks, especially since this game typically has more odds and markets than Dota 2. Sports bettors will have access to more odds when betting on League of Legends matches than in Dota 2 games.

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