How to Win at Slot Machines

How to win at slots

BK8 slot machines are some of the most profitable casino games in the platform, as long as you know how to play and take advantage of certain game rules and features. Slot machines aren’t exactly great for winning big when players don’t have a sizable bankroll to sustain losses and have more chances of winning big prizes from free spins and jackpots. Learning how to win will involve having these two factors and playing in some of the better slots.

If you’re planning to make money through online slots, read our guide on how to win at slots.

How to Win at Slots: Study the Paytables

Treasure Bowl paytable

Different slot machines will feature different paytables as simpler slots will feature fewer symbol combinations and some won’t have WILD and Scatter symbols. If players would want to play and have a chance to win big, they should opt to play machines with WILDs and Scatters to allow for bigger wins and a chance to unlock certain bonus features.

Slot machines with paytables lacking WILDs and Scatters are typically Classic and simple 3-Reel slots. These specific slots are generally easier to win in but pay out less. 

How to Win at Slots: Stick to Classic Slots

As mentioned above, Classic slots feature paytables without WILDS and Scatters. While these mean that there isn’t a chance to win big through these machines unless when staking high, these slots still pay out more often than other slots.

Pong Pong Hu

Because Classic Slot machines have less features and low payouts, this machine is naturally perfect for beginners. Bettors without a sizable bankroll will also be able to play this game to slowly build up their bankroll. Still, some games like Pong Pong Hu are still technically classic slots with some additional featured and this can be good for some beginners.

How to Win at Slots: Play Slots with Bonus Features

Moneybags Man 2

Higher payout slot machines typically feature WILD and Scatter symbols that allow players to win big when they get WILDs, but Scatters are a different story. Scatter symbols can unlock certain bonus features that allow players to play for free or play other games with other payouts. Some of these bonus features are the following:

  • Free spins –free spins allow players to play the slot machine for free while still having the chance to win real money using WILDs and even be able to unlock more free spins through Scatters
  • Click-me games –certain themed slot machines have bonus games where players must click or tap on certain symbols to unlock multipliers
  • Arcade games –certain slot machines feature a completely different game integrated into the slot machine to win more real money

Unlocking these bonus features allow players a chance to win more money.

How to Win at Slots: Play Smaller Jackpot Machines

Classic Slot Multiplier Riches

Different Jackpot Slot machines feature different jackpot amounts, with the ones with smaller jackpots usually having higher payout rates than the ones with bigger payouts. Smaller jackpots are usually found in Flat Top Jackpot machines with a fixed jackpot amount. Bigger jackpots are usually found in Progressive Jackpot machines where the prize pool increases as players lose their bets.

How to Win at Slots: Wager the Maximum Amount on Progressive Jackpot Slots

Fortune Koi big win

High payout slot machines typically feature certain features locked behind minimum bet requirements. These features can include bonus features, additional reels, additional paylines, and jackpots. Betting the maximum is usually the requirement to unlock them.

While betting the maximum betting amount is extremely risky, it is a necessary risk when aiming to win big. This means that players will need to have an extensive bankroll to sustain losses and still have enough to continue playing and unlock jackpots and free games.

How to Win at Slots: Use Autospin

Chinese New Year 960 autospin

You’ll need a substantial bankroll to do this but this can allow you to win big when playing slot machines with WILDs and Scatters. Doing this in low RTP and high volatility slot machines will allow players to play quickly and have a chance to see winnings faster instead of getting impatient with multiple losses. Just make sure to know when to stop so you won’t lose more rounds after finally winning big.

How to Win at Slots: Stick to the Bankroll

As mentioned above, betting the maximum amount is necessary to have a chance to win big using bonus features and jackpots.  However, not every gambler will have access to an extensive bankroll and players will have to settle for smaller ones. When doing so, it’s advisable that gamblers manage their bankrolls and set up a certain percentage of the bankroll for their minimum bets per round.

Players must religiously stick to the minimum bet amount they set to maximize the number of spins they can make. 


The best type of slot machine to play is the Classic Slot machine thanks to its high payout rates at the cost of having low payouts.

It depends on how much your bankroll is. If you have a sizable bankroll, we recommend you to stake the maximum amount to unlock certain features and jackpots in certain slots. If you don’t have an extensive bankroll, we recommend staking low to be able to play more games.

Yes. Machines with WILD and Scatter symbols typically allow players to win big as WILDs can substitute for high payout symbols and Scatters unlock bonus features.


Learning how to win at slot machines will require players to play a certain way and pick certain slot machines instead of playing randomly. When the goal is to win as more games as possible, players will need to stick with lower payout games while those who want to win big should take risks with high stakes and high payout games and jackpot slots.

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