BK8 Crazy Time: Spin to Win Big Today!

Most online casinos only offer traditional casino games for their players and only introduced certain special features to keep things interesting. Evolution Gaming, however, did more than that and also introduced certain game shows like the Crazy Time live casino game.

BK8 Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game show where the dealer serves as the game show host and spins a big wheel consisting of 54 sections. The general goal of the game is to predict on which section will the arrow be pointed to. Players who predicted certain outcomes on the Money Wheel can participate in bonus rounds to have a chance to win jackpots.

What is Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time is set apart from other live casino games is not only the presence of multipliers and random events but also the fact that this is a game show with a live host. Bettors won’t have to worry about anything except placing bets on certain outcomes and letting the game show host do everything else.

Crazy Time gameplay

Players will only need to sit back, relax, and make another bet once the round ends. They can also get lost in the gameplay as they watch the lively host handle everything about the game.

Crazy Time Rules

The basic rules of playing the crazy time game involves the player placing a bet on one of eight segments. 

Multiplier/Bonus GameNumber of SegmentsPayout Rate
Coin Flip4Up to PHP 25 Million
Cash Hunt2
Crazy Time1

Once bets are placed and closed, the host will spin the wheel and payouts will be credited. If the wheel lands on one of the four bonus games, then players who bet on them will be introduced to said games.



In Pachinko, players are presented a multiplier wall with a ransom zone for a puck to drop from and 16 random multipliers at the bottom. The host will handle all the preparations and will drop the puck and landing on “Double” will result in all multipliers being doubled and the puck being dropped by the host again until it lands in an actual multiplier.

Cash Hunt Rules

Cash Hunt

In the Cash Hunt bonus game, a wall of 108 multipliers will be presented to the player. Players can either select a symbol or let the game itself do the choosing. After a certain amount of time, the multipliers will be hidden behind random symbols and shuffled and then the player will be prompted to fire a cannon and target one of the multiplier symbols. The payout is the player’s initial stake multiplied by the multiplier shot by the player.

Coin Flip Rules

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a Crazy Time bonus game where a coin with red and blue faces will be assigned multipliers. The host will flip the coin and wait for it to land. The assigned multiplier on the visible face will multiply the gambler’s initial stake.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The Crazy Time bonus game is where this Evolution Gaming game owes its namesake to. This game features a different wheel with three arrows which players will need to choose from to bet on which segment multiplier they’re betting on. This wheel has higher multipliers than the ones in the initial wheel at the base game, allowing players to win big.

If players don’t choose an arrow, the game will decide for the player.

Top Tips to Win in Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a purely random game of chance where players will only be able to place bets on different segments to try and make money as much as possible while hoping for bonus games. The only tips to make money in this game are the following:

Manage Your Bankroll

It’s advisable to start off with a sizable bankroll to be able to cover a lot of different segments and maximize the multipliers assigned on each segment while being able to win big through bonus games. The only way to win big is by getting lucky having a significant multiplier assigned on one of the bonus games and getting a high-value multiplier on the bonus game. Crazy Time will undoubtedly allow players to win big while pachinko has the potential to increase the multiplier value.

Players with a smaller bankroll should consider aiming for easier-to-win bets, which means prioritizing the even money segment since it has the greatest number of segments in the wheel. Even with a small bankroll, gamblers should also make room to cover the four bonus games and allow players to win big when they get lucky with the multipliers there since a PHP 5 bet can become PHP 2,500 in winnings when they get lucky with an x500 multiplier.

Players will need to budget their funds to be able to cover as much segments as possible.

Mix Bets

Players will need to experiment with a combination of high-risk and low-reward bets. This allows players to still have a chance to win small wins when they don’t trigger the bonus games. Being able to play a bonus game will allow players to win big when they get lucky with one of the multipliers.

Players must always make it a point to place bets on the bonus game segments. The minimum bet that players can make without having a chance to break even is PHP 25, which can still be a significant drain to a player with a very limited bankroll.


Crazy Time is Evolution Gaming’s popular live casino game show where players can potentially win big through one of the bonus games.

Crazy Time live gained popularity since the game show is handled by live hosts and the potential to win big is just too attractive.

The best bonus game is arguably Crazy Time because of the high-value multipliers in the second wheel. Either Cash Hunt or Pachinko will take the second place while Coin Flip takes the last place since it is too simplistic and has no additional gimmicks.


Crazy Time is a popular live casino game show in the Philippines where many players will have a good time when they trigger the bonus game. Players with large bankrolls can even potentially win up to PHP 25 million if they get lucky, but even the smaller wins in the bonus game can be good for most players.

Start playing Evolution Gaming’s popular game show today at BK8 Casino. Register now and make a deposit to start playing!

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