BK8 Casino Privacy Policy: Handling Your Data and Secure Gaming

We take data privacy seriously and we respect your right to privacy. Today, many scam sites are set up by bad actors to actively steal customer data and use them to steal money or hack other accounts. BK8 Casino will never provide third parties with customer data, unless they’re necessary for basic payment services.

BK8 Privacy Policy

All BK8 customer data is encrypted and cached in secure locations. You can rest assured that your data won’t get leaked through us.

BK8 Casino Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy addresses which data and information is collected and handled by the platform. Customer data, both internal and external, are strictly restricted and monitored to prevent data leaks and unauthorized disclosing of player information to third-parties. BK8 also only uses a player’s contact information to send information about the platform’s bonuses and promotions.

No party is allowed to copy, distribute, modify, or reissue BK8 Casino content without the express written consent of the platform.

The BK8 privacy policy addresses which data and player information we collect and how we use them. All customer data collected through our platform is restricted and monitored to prevent malicious data leaks. Many bad actors operating fake casinos actively steal customer data after they’re inputted in registration forms.

BK8 only uses player information to send information regarding our bonuses and promotions 

What Data Does BK8 Casino Collect?

What data does BK8 collect

We collect certain data to get you started on playing through our platform

  • IP Address
  • Username
  • Full Name
  • User Password
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Payment Information

These are used to complete your registration and verify your identity. You’ll need to supply the correct info. If we catch you using incorrect information, we reserve the right to freeze your account.

How Do We Use Your Data?

How BK8 uses your data

BK8 Casino uses your information to verify your identity and get in touch with you whenever necessary, including sending you updates. We also coordinate with relevant financial institutions to ensure that you’ll play with your money and you can withdraw your winnings safely.

Set Up and Manage User Accounts

We use your name, username, and email address to setup gaming accounts in the platform. You’ll also need to setup your preferred withdrawal method and safeguards to ensure that no bad actor who suddenly had access to your account can withdraw your money.

Verify User Identity

We do not allow any underaged bettors to play with us so we require players to verify their identity with an ID. BK8 Casino reserves the right to terminate an account we find that violates our rules. This ID will remain secure in the platform and will not be leaked to other irrelevant parties.

How Does BK8 Casino Protect User Data?

We protect your data using the following measures:

  • Data encryption
  • Firewalls

BK8 also has strict guidelines to keep bad actors and other cybercriminals from stealing customer data. We also diligently train our staff to ensure that your data is secure. We also make sure that none of our staff will become bad actors themselves through restrictive access controls.

All relevant customer data are retained and archived for a set period of time. Customer data will only be removed from the platform once keeping a record of them is no longer required. Doing this allows us to keep track of whitelisted and blacklisted players and their respective IP addresses and ensure that banned players won’t be able to play and that players can’t create two accounts.

Should a data breach occur, we will promptly warn our users regarding this so they can change their passwords, secure their funds, and secure other accounts that may be using the same password as their casino account.

BK8 Casino: Committed to Ensure Customer Privacy

BK8 Casino is committed to protecting customer data and ensure that all of it is secure. We always take immediate action to protect player data should an attack or malpractice compromise our platform. BK8 Casino is regulated by PAGCOR so you can be sure that our platform is secure.