BK8 Terms and Conditions

All users of the BK8 platform are subject to our terms and conditions for them to continue playing with us. These terms include information on acceptable user behavior, user responsibility, and consequences for non-compliance to our rules. Failure to comply can result in the suspension or termination of the offending account, user, and IP address.

BK8 Terms and Conditions

All players are first prompted to read the terms and conditions before completing the registration form and all registered players will automatically be subjected to our rules. Even users who simply tick the box saying they’ve read our terms are not exempt from our rules and ticking the box binds them to our regulations, leaving no room for complaint or negotiation when their accounts are restricted.

Our basic terms are the following:

  • Players must at least be 18 years old.
  • Players must not have affiliations with government entities or online casinos.
  • Players must provide valid government-issued ID when filling out the application form.
  • The platform’s bonuses and promotions are only available to registered players and cannot be shared across accounts.
  • Players can only have one account and BK8 reserves the right to terminate duplicate accounts or freeze their funds.
  • BK8 reserves the right to terminate an account or freeze funds when a player violates any terms and conditions of the platform.

Understanding BK8 Terms and Conditions

The most critical parts of BK8 Casino’s terms and conditions focus on user responsibilities, terms of withdrawal, individual bonus and promotions terms, and game rules.

User Responsibilities

Players must provide factual information when setting up their accounts and withdrawal methods. This ensures that players won’t encounter problems when playing and withdrawing their winnings.

Users must only have one account in the platform. Players typically violate this to repeatedly use our bonuses and promotions. Violating this and falsifying information can result in the user’s account getting terminated and the funds frozen.

Withdrawal Terms & Conditions

Before players can withdraw real money, players must first provide the following during the withdrawal setup:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Account Name
  • Bank Account Number

When using a crypto account, players must provide the following:

  • Crypto Channel
  • Wallet Address

The minimum withdrawal amout is 200 PHP. The daily maximum amount for withdrawal is 100,000 PHP and the daily withdrawal limit is three times per day.

Bonus and Promotions Terms and Conditions

BK8 Bonuses and Promotions

Each casino bonus provided by BK8 Casino have their own rules and terms. The main things to keep in mind when using bonuses are the following:

  • Minimum deposit amount
  • Rollover Requirements
  • Maximum bonus cap

BK8 Casino Game Terms and Conditions

BK8 Casino is powered by multiple gaming providers and each provider offers their own unique twists of classic games, including some entirely unique ones. Their general rules stay the same with some minor differences, mainly regarding the following:

  • Minimum bet
  • Maximum bet
  • Disconnection policy
  • Error handling
  • Available bet types/betting markets

Different gaming providers will typically have different gameplay rules.

BK8 Privacy Policy

BK8 Privacy Policy

In addition to our general terms and conditions, we also have a privacy policy set in place that details what information the platform collects and how they’re used and protected. Basically, BK8 Casino only uses customer information to coordinate with relevant financial institutions and all data are retained for a set period of time and protected as long as they’re in the platform.