BK8 Slot Machines | Different Online Slots You Can Play for Real Money

Online slot machines are online versions of the traditional slot games that players can play in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. These games function the same regardless of where they’re played except that BK8 slot machines are provided by different reputable gaming providers worldwide.

BK8 slot machines

Playing online slots for real money do not require any strategies as the outcomes are reliant on RNG, but players can typically win more money when they bet the maximum amount. Still, not all slots are the same and some machines are naturally easier to win in than others and others are harder while being more profitable.

Types of Slot Machines

When playing in BK8 online casino, players can have access to different slot machines from different gaming providers. Some of these providers are the following:

Pragmatic Play
Fa Chai
Pocket Games
  • JILI
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Fa Chai
  • PG Soft

These providers are well-known for many of their high payout BK8 slots. In these providers, players can have access to different types of machines that are mainly differentiated by their gameplay features.

Classic Slot Machines

Classic Slot Multiplier Riches

Classic slots are the simplest machines and the easiest to learn. The only downside with this is that players won’t typically win big here. Classic slots typically feature the following:

  • Three reels
  • One payline
  • Fixed payout
  • Flat top jackpot

Classic slots don’t have any special features that make them stand out, making them perfect for beginners who want to learn how to play the game while having a decent chance of winning money. Some providers introduce some twists to classic machines by introducing another reel to act as multipliers or to increase winnings.

5 Reel Slot Machines

Bikini Paradise

Besides classic slot machines, 5 reel slots are also common machines in BK8 and other online casinos. These machines feature 5 reels with at least 5 to 25 paylines per machine with some of them having special features like jackpots, free spins, and WILD symbols.

Besides 5 reels, other slots can have 6 or 7 reels to add more paylines or additional ways to win.

Ways-to-Win Slot Machines

Night City

Ways-to-Win slots are machines that forego the traditional paylines and instead introduce multiple ways for players to win by using the number of symbols present after a spin to determine a player’s winnings. These slots are arguably better than payline-dependent machines since these allow players to win a lot of money depending on what symbols are on the reels after a spin.

Different slots will have different ways to win that may not be readily evident, so players should consult the paytable to see how much the symbols’ respective payouts are. Additionally, certain slots can have multiple ways to win, ranging from a measly 243 ways to 32000 ways.

Bonus Slot Machines

Moneybags Man 2

Many machines feature bonus games unlockable through Scatter symbols. These games typically allow players to win more money and is usually the means to win jackpots. Some of the different bonus games available are the following:

  • Free spins – allows players to play the machine for free for a few rounds and win real money while still being able to take advantage of WILDs and Scatter symbols and unlock more free spins
  • Click-me games –bonus game where players click or tap on items to see the multiplier hidden behind them
  • Arcade games – bonus game where players play a non-slot game integrated to the machine to win more real money

Jackpot Slot Machines

Jackpot slot machines are machines made specifically to entice players to play to win big. Some machines have a static jackpot amount while others increase as more people play the machine.

Jackpot Slot Chilli Heat

Jackpot slots typically come in two kinds, which are the Flat Top and Progressive Jackpot slot machines. Flat Tops are machines that have a static jackpot amount that will never change no matter how many people play the game which is just right as the jackpot is usually relatively easy to win. Progressive Jackpots, however, are much harder to win in and all losing bets contribute to the growing pot until a lucky player manages to win the jackpot.

The Progressive Jackpot machines also come in several variations, including Wide-Area Progressive slots and Linked Progressive slots. Wide-Area Progressive slot machines are the most widely used jackpot slots in online casinos as they’re usually powered by the same gaming provider so a BK8 Casino player can win a jackpot that multiple players from other casinos contributed to. Linked machines are mostly used in traditional land-based casinos that link multiple slot machines to form one huge pot that players playing in different machines can win.

Traditional Vs. Online Slot Machines

Both traditional and online slots work similarly with the only main difference being that one is played in a land-based casino and the other is in an online casino. The more evident differences are more in the nature of the actual casinos themselves.

Traditional casinos can only offer a small number of slot machines, depending on how big the facility is. Online casinos, however, can offer far more slot games depending on the gaming providers powering the platform and any in-house games they might offer. Playing in traditional casinos makes the gaming experience rather limited while online casinos can make things more exciting by offering more games.

Las Vegas traditional slot machines
By Yamaguchi先生, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57295504

Additionally, traditional casinos typically use certain slots to their advantage by placing machines with better RTP in areas where people can easily find them while bad games are located in other areas. Once all the high RTP games are filled with players, the majority of players will be forced to move to other machines and play the bad machines since they’ll need to wait until the high RTP machine is free.

Online slots cannot hide high RTP games except by offering as many titles as possible that it makes it difficult to keep track of what the best games are. Additionally, multiple players can play one slot at a time so players won’t have to experience downtime playing bad games.


We can’t confidently recommend one slot title you, but we can recommend playing classic slot machines if you aren’t used to playing multi-payline slots. If you want to win big, we recommend focusing on Bonus and Jackpot slots with many ways to win.

No. All BK8 Casino slot machines are fair as they are provided by third-party providers certified by other reputable regulators.


BK8 Casino’s slot machines are great games to play when players have an extensive bankroll. First timers can stick with easy-to-understand Classic slots while high-rollers can opt for Bonus and Jackpot slots. And because BK8 is an online casino, players will have more variety than when playing in traditional casinos.

Start playing BK8 slot machines today by registering on our platform and making a deposit. Try out JILI slots out today!