What is Slot RTP?

What is slot RTP

When choosing an online slot machine to play, players will need to choose the right slot machine to be able to win a lot of rounds. Slot RTP or Return to Player is the average payout of a particular machine over a long period of time. Higher RTP machines will theoretically allow players to win more money than playing in low RTP slots, but the results can vary as slots use fair RNG and each gambler has different gaming habits.

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Different Slot RTPs

High RTP Slots

High RTP slot machines are also called loose slots and are machines that typically only have a 2% house edge. The RTP of these machines will be around 98% and above and theoretically return 98% of a player’s bets over a long game period.

When first practicing how to win at slot machines, players should first look into these machines.

Medium RTP Slots

Bikini Paradise
Medium RTP slot machine.

Medium RTP slot machines are a sort of balance between High and Low RTP machines as these give better odds for players but lower payout rates. Theoretically, players can make back around 95% to 97.99% of their stakes over a long period which is slightly lower than that of High RTP slots.

Low RTP Slots

Low RTP slot machines are typically the ones that have higher payouts but pay out less frequently than other slot machines. High payout Jackpot Slots typically belong in this category.

These slots are better suited for high-rollers who can afford many losses as they attempt to win big from a jackpot or multiple WILDs and free spins. Slot RTP here can go as low as 80% so players should expect winning less frequently here until they manage to win big.

Gamblers who can bet max and spin the reels more than several hundred times per day can benefit a lot from these machines, especially when they have high payout jackpots or slot symbols.

How is Slot RTP Calculated?

Slot RTP is calculated by dividing a player’s total winnings by their total stake. A player’s RTP would be 20% is they staked PHP 100 and won PHP 20. Higher payout rate machines with 99% RTP will theoretically return 99% of a player’s total stake through more frequent wins.

The reality is, RTP is mainly theoretical and high RTP slots don’t immediately mean that the player will win more money in the game. This is because slot volatility also affects how much players can win when playing.

What is Slot Volatility?

Variance or volatility determines the frequency of how often a video slot machine will pay out. Some slots pay out a lot while others don’t, and it’s not exactly easy to determine whether a slot is a low or high variance slot. Unlike RTP, variance can’t be expressed with a number.

Golden Eggs
Low volatility and medium RTP slot machine.

Gamblers must play 100 spins in one game when calculating variance. If the gambler wins 30% out of the hundred spins, then the machine’s a low-variance game. A 20-25% hit rate makes a slot a medium-variance game, while high-variance games have a 15% hit rate.

Slot machine volatility determines the frequency of how often a slot machine pays out. Unlike RTP, slot machine volatility can’t easily be expressed and players will typically need to play 100 spins to have a fairly accurate depiction of volatility. If players win 30 spins out of the 100 they made, then players can say that the machine is a fairly low volatility slot especially since you can’t really expect to realistically win 50% and up of the hundred bets.

Jackpot Slot Chilli Heat

When opting to play high volatility slot machines, players should look into the following to make sure that the machine is worth it:

  • Jackpot size – when playing high volatility slots, bigger jackpots are always better since the high payout makes the infrequent payouts worthwhile
  • Number of large payouts – large payouts from the payout values of a slot machine’s regular symbols make infrequent payouts worthwhile when players win a few times
  • Bonus features – WILDS, Scatter symbols, free spins, and bonus games make the machine worth playing since they can help players win more money the moment a spin wins
  • Paylines/Ways-to-Win – having more paylines and ways to win gives players more chances of winning when players match certain symbols

Is RTP the Same as Volatility?

No. The two terms are closely related but remain different. High RTP slots will theoretically pay out more money as players play the machine but a High RTP and high volatility slot can theoretically make winning even less frequent but the payout will be relatively big. Even two different slot machines with the same slot RTP can have different volatility and make one game less volatile than the other and win more frequently.

  • High RTP, Low Volatility slot = more frequent small wins, higher total payout
  • High RTP, High Volatility slot = less frequent small wins
  • Low RTP, Low Volatility slot = more frequent small wins
  • Low RTP, High Volatility slot = less frequent wins, higher total payout

These two can get confusing, but it’s fortunate that many slot machines are High RTP and Low Volatility slots anyway.


Understanding RTP is essential for players to be able to win real money when playing slots. Playing low RTP slots can be good for high rollers who can afford heavy losses while playing but beginners who can only spin the reels less than a hundred times a day should stick with high RTP slots.

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