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BK8 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting is a popular sports betting option for boxing fans, especially fans of Manny Pacquiao. Betting on boxing matches is extremely fun and exciting, even when there is a clear winner, because bettors can also place bets on who they think will win and how and on which round the boxer will win.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a martial art combat sport where two people throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring. Boxers today were protective gloves to protect their hands when throwing punches.

Boxing has been referred to as pugilism, which means fist fight, and boxers exchange blows in a ring during 3-minute rounds. As such, this sport only involves trading blows with fists and no kicking and headbutts are allowed in the sport. Winners are decided by points, knockout, and submission.

Boxing match

Modern boxing today is divided into Amateur and Professional boxing. In Amateur boxing, the boxers wear protective headgear in addition to their boxing gloves and scoring is based on points. Additionally, each match only consists of three rounds.

Professional boxing consists of about 10-12 rounds and fighters typically receive more damage due to both the longer match and the fact that boxers don’t use any headgear. Most professional boxers start off as amateur boxers.

BK8 Boxing Betting Markets

Boxing is a straightforward combat sport where boxers exchange blows until one boxer can no longer fight or until all rounds are exhausted. Because of this, the available BK8 sports betting markets for this sport are rather limited.



Moneyline is the standard betting market available for boxing bettors. This is different from 1X2 since this doesn’t include a draw as a potential outcome and instead focuses on which one will win.

Total Rounds Over/Under

Total Rounds Over/Under

Professional boxing matches can last up to 12 rounds and bettors can guess whether matches can take a long time before they’re finished or not. BK8 sports bettors can bet on whether the match will end in under eight rounds or not. The threshold is 8.5.

Method of Victory

Method of Victory

Sports bettors who want to spice their game up can bet on who will win and how they’ll win. The available bets are the following:

  • Boxer 1 by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Boxer 1 by Decision or Technical Decision
  • Boxer 1 by Submission
  • Boxer 2 by KO, TKO, or DQ
  • Boxer 2 by Decision or Technical Decision
  • Boxer 2 by Submission
  • Draw or Technical Draw

If bettors believe that their boxer will surely win via knockout, then bettors can put their money where their mouth is and make a riskier bet with the potential to win more money.

Knockouts are fairly self-explanatory, as well as disqualification, and bettors won’t have to worry about these three since they’re all grouped up in one bet. Decisions however are more unnerving since a fight can be so tight that the expected winner instead loses because of the judges’ decision. Submission is arguably as exciting as knockout since bettors will be waiting for one side to give up instead of getting knocked out.

Round Betting

Boxing Round Betting

This also spices things up by adding another winning condition to the standard moneyline bet. In here, bettors will also need to guess on which round a boxer will win. Decision and draws are also available here, similar to method of victory.

Why Bet on BK8 Boxing?

Betting on boxing matches through BK8 sportsbooks allows bettors to have access to exciting betting markets that makes it harder yet more profitable to win in. When moneyline becomes too boring, bettors can bet on how their boxer will win to add to the stakes.


BK8 boxing matches are some of the most exciting sports events worldwide and bettors will be able to make their betting experiences more exciting instead of settling for otherwise dull moneyline bets. Try out your hand on these interesting betting markets today by boxing betting at BK8 today.

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